I went and saw Mockingjay today … and it was great!!

While not as good as the first two films, it wasn’t because of how it was done, but because of what the actual content was. The first two films, were all about Katniss and Peeta surviving the games, but Mockingjay Part 1 is more about the beginnings of the revolution and how Katniss and District 13 get the Districts to rebel against the capitol. There is little action but plenty of significant scenes that will play big roles in the final movie.

Knowing what the is movie would contain, I was expecting the movie be fairly different from the book, specifically because of how little actually goes on; but I was surprised to find that the majority of the movie was almost exactly like the book. The main differences are: the very first scene, which does not take place in District 12; Katniss’s conditions for becoming the Mockingjay, which did not include the famous¬†I Kill Snow¬†condition; and the presence of Effie Trinket in the movie. But otherwise, the movie and book were very similar.

I was happy to see some scenes from Snow and the other rebelling districts since Katniss is sidelined not doing much for chunks of the movie, and was very pleased to see the actual rescue mission to get to Peeta. My real questions though stem from the point of Snow’s and Katniss’s conversation: if Snow really knew they were in the tribute center, why was it not guarded? In the book, it was made to seem that the rescue went off without error or issue, but the escape seemed a little easy. I attributed that to Beetee. But the movie changed that all up.

And of course, the biggest question that we can answer here is WHERE IS THE CUT?!?! As I previously states I believed that movie would end as Katniss gets shot in District 2. Turns out, I was off by about thirty minutes. The movie ends several minutes after Peeta attacks Katniss due to the hijacking. While not my choice, I think that it was good place to cut the movie; nice and dramatic.

I will be working on a complete set of reviews of The Hunger Game’s Movies and Books, and hope to have them completed by the end of the month.

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