The Blood of Olympus!!

I finished the Blood of Olympus today at 4:13pm after approximately 11 hours of combined reading and school. While my full review of the book will not be up for some day, here are my initial reactions:

1. This is the greatest book in the series and the best book ever written on the face of this earth. It was worth the agonizing 364 day wait.

2. While I feel that Percy, Annabeth, and Frank deserved POV’s none of them necessarily needed them. While they are three of the seven, they were not specifically important in this book.This book was for Jason and Piper, who shine like stars.

3. NO ONE CAN EVER SAY THAT PIPER IS USELESS AGAIN!!! She proved herself in this book once and for all. She grew up and took on the challenge that she had been waiting for, for months. She rescued Annabeth from fear. She fought twelve giants solo. She forced Gaia to sleep a second time. And most important of all, she figures out the true meaning behind love and friendship. If anyone ever tells me that Piper is useless again, I am going to tell them to re-read the books, remove Piper, and see how quickly the whole plot line fails. Try, in about twenty chapters.

4. While the end of a great ride, this was a satisfying ending to the series. There are only four lose ends left at the conclusion of the story: Leo and Calypso, Nico’s relationship status, Hazel’s curse, and the problem of the Python in Delphi. That surprisingly few.

Those the main points I wanted to hit on. For a full review of the story, see my full review at

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