What Do You Do After Reading Hunger Games?

Last week, I finished The Hunger Games Series for third time. And now, I am beginning a new series, The Last Dragon Chronicles. But there’s a problem. After reading Hunger Games, I have becomed attached to the books and the characters and the story. So…what do I do? What do you do after reading The Hunger Games.

There really aren’t any books like The Hunger Games. The combination of an action packed storyline, unbelievable characters, and brilliant writing makes it one of the best series ever written.

There are no characters like Katniss Everdeen. No characters as brave. Or as lifelike. Or as easy to love as Katniss. There are few characters I have ever becomes attached too like I am attached to Katniss. Maybe Harry Potter. Maybe Percy Jackson. Maybe the characters of Fablehaven. Maybe. But even those characters pale in comparison to the Girl on Fire.

While there are plenty of dystopian fantasies on the market now, none have the plot or the action or the the themes of The Hunger Games. While set in the future, the series is really written in respect to war and tyranny in general. And that gives it a very interesting application to modern life. People connect to those themes in ways they don’t to other ones.

In short, there is nothing likes Hunger Games. Few books even comes close by my standards. Even Harry Potter, widely regarded as one of the best series ever written, is nothing compared to the Hunger Games. So, there isn’t really anything to do after you read the series. Once you’ve read it once, you have forever been touched by it. And books are never really the same after that. There is no way to get over reading the Hunger Games. Few if any books can really fill the void created by a loss of the THG novels.

It will take me weeks to get over not reading them. But, in just a year, I will be sitting there reading them again. Because, while the books are over, the story of Katniss Everdeen and Panem are not over. There is still a movie to be made. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you have two options:

1. reread the books for the remainder of your life

2. Admit that few things will ever be able to match THG and read something else. And then, every year, November 1-20 re read the series.


Also…for those fans of, The Hanging Tree, here is the mp3 file:

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